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Making a change requires something you have never done before. Each of my books is designed to inspire people, help them work toward a healthy lifestyle, and be ancestrally aligned.

A Step by Step Course to Mastering
The Carnivore Diet

Optimizing your diet is the single most important lever to optimizing your performance. I’ve spent the last 3 years studying and experimenting with the Carnivore Diet to CONSISTENTLY experience incredible calm, clear, energized, focused optimized mental and physical state where elite performance is natural!


by Kurt Yazici

This food guide breaks down specifics on tracking calories and macros of the essential Carnivore food group rankings. 
     You’ll find a detailed list of specific brands and vendors personally purchased by Kurt himself (discount codes included). 
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High Quality Foods
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White Oak Pastures

This Grassfed Beef Chuck Roast from White Oak Pastures weighs approximately 3 pounds. A wonderfully flavorful cut, chuck roast is great when slowly stewed or braised. ​

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Force Of Nature

This Ancestral Blends are developed to conveniently incorporate the nourishing properties of organ meats into a modern diet. Try using this in place of ground meat in your favorite recipe.

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US Wellness Meats

100% grass-fed. These steaks contain higher levels of healthy Omega-3’s, CLA, branch chain amino acids, and vitamins.

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Butcher Box

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door.

Premium Supplements
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Grass Fed Beef Brain is a whole brain extract and dietary supplement that provides 100% pure bovine brain with pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal gland in the same balance that exists in nature. ​

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Cordyceps is one powerful little ‘shroom packed with energy support that any athlete or weekend warrior can enjoy.

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Alpha BRAIN® is a dietary supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus. ​

Sleep Optimization
OOLER® Sleep System

The OOLER is our most advanced and most luxurious sleep system with a hydro-powered thermal range that operates from 55-115°F (13-46°C)*. ​

chiliPAD™ Sleep System

It’s comprised of a hydro-powered mattress pad, thermal regulating control unit(s) and a remote making it perfect for one or two sleepers!

Manta Sleep Mask

The world’s comfiest 100% blackout sleep mask. Guaranteed. Soft, breathable, durable materials with zero pressure on eyelids or lashes

The Pod Pro Cover

Upgrade your sleep by adding the Pod’s patented thermoregulation technology to your current mattress. Plus, enjoy the best in seamless sleep and health tracking.

Light Optimization

This NEW second generation design is not only better, it’s more affordable. Featuring custom-made stainless-steel 5G-rated RF shielding system, 3rd-party tested up to 40 GHz to deliver up to 69x more effective shielding protection. ​

Blue Light Protection Glasses

Provide direct protection from all artificial light sources. Great to use after sunset getting ready for optimal sleep.