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3 Power Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Tips

I know what you’re thinking… “I want to lose weight, but there are so many trending Diets. Before it was Atkins, then Keto, and now we even have the Carnivore Diet.

But do I REALLY have to be a strict carnivore… Or can I take some principles from the diet and achieve the same results?”

Good question! And to make an honest assessment we need to give some background on how and why this way of eating is so effective.

As a bonus, we’ll have 3 Powerful Weight-Loss Tips to apply from the Carnivore Diet.

So let’s jump into what I think three powerful carnivore diet weight loss tips are heading into 2020.

If you’re having weight, gut, skin, and even skin issues. This is really something to consider because there’s so many anecdotal stories, feedback, and evidence from the Carnivore community supporting the recovery of Health.

So here’s some the reasons why the carnivore diet specifically can give you some power and really give you an edge when you’re doing this weight loss thing:

It’s low inflammatory – whenever you’re inflamed you’re going to look and feel more bloated and puffy. So weight Loss is kind of a two-part pronged approach. One is like you want to lean down and manage your weight but the other aspect is you want to look good and healthy.

So when you remove foods and do an Elimination Diet like the carnivore diet, that’s very nutrient-dense animal food focused. You’re eliminating plant toxins. Plant triggers a lot of the molecules in today’s market and you’re also taking a lot of food off the table that could be refined processed and triggering inflammation or high histamine load. So if you’re not bloated if you’re not inflamed, if you’re not dealing with some sort of autoimmune or inflammation, you’re going to look leaner you’re going to feel better and it’s going to feel you in a good way.

Now. Here’s the other point with the carnivore diet that I really want to emphasize before we jump into these three powerful tips and reasons.

The diet itself is super nutrient dense and that is a huge aspect to hunger and satiety to your feeling of feeling full, that your body is naturally going to be triggered on if you’re eating carb -heavy potato chips that are processed.

There’s not a lot of nutrition in there, but there’s a lot of calories and so you’re constantly bombarding your body with food and calories,but you’re not giving your body the nutrients, the vitamins, the minerals, the full complete essential amino acids from protein that your body wants.

And so your body doesn’t feel full when you snack on foods like that. It’s delicious, it can be great for the soul. But it’s not something you want to be consuming on a regular basis. Certainly not, if you’re looking to lose weight and you’re dealing with health issues.

So let’s talk about three specific powerful tips for the weight loss.

1. Keep it low carb

In my last blog, I said keep it keto, and low carb and keto aren’t necessarily the same thing. The difference between low carb and keto is really fat intake. Fat on ketogenic diets needs to be probably over 70%. Low-carb just means keep your carbohydrate count probably below 20 grams of carbs a day. Weight loss is really about your hormones. Probably the most important thing is your hormones.

2. Tracking Your Intake In a More Loose Way

I don’t want you to feel like you have to learn how to track macros religiously or use it in a very specific way where you have to do a food calculator and way out all your food, but you need to journal. You need to create some sort of tracking method.

Peter Drucker, is a famous business executive and one of his famous quotes is that “which we don’t measure we cannot improve. If you’re not measuring, what you don’t track, the mind is going to lie to you. You’re going to tell yourself stories. You’re going to easily forget what you’re eating.

Keeping a journal every day. You can go back at the end of the week and you can do a reflection for for a few minutes and you can say oh man, I ate so many peanuts today and that just loaded me up with inflammation and it triggered me and it gave me an extra thousand calories. And yeah, I didn’t get satiated on that. So track your stuff. You can go without tracking every single gram if you don’t want to be hardcore.

Now if you want to go macro track. I’ve done a full video about Carnivore Diet Macro Trackingand you can absolutely jump into that and get really deep into macro tracking. I encourage people who want to get into it, to do it because it can be a very valuable way to get a good sense of what you’re eating and what you’re getting in your diet and how many calories you’re actually doing. When you can consciously become aware of it, you can start to then make adjustments

Drop inflammation and basically lose weight without really having to try to fight an uphill battle. You’re going to see lower hunger levels and so lastly let’s get light uva/uvb spectrum light from the sun.

3. Light and Sleep.

We are meant to experience sunlight. As our ancestors would wander the earth, they would benefit from the sunlight hitting their bare skin. In the same way we’re meant to experience the full spectrum of natural light. 30 minutes of natural outdoor light is a bare minimum. If a tanning bed has a 10 -15 minute Max, do 20% of that but try to give yourself two to three minutes two to three times a week of exposure to ultraviolet A and UltraViolet B radiation.

That light is going to help the body stimulate the prohormone vitamin D3 that is going to be a signal for your body to produce more hormones and to actually up regulate those hormones and give you better quality sleep and better overall hormones for anabolic building blocks for burning fat.


Again, just to recap the three powerful tips one. Keep it low carb, track your intake and do what I do with macro tracking and optimize your light and sleep. It’s going to give you a lot of what you need to optimize your hormones when you get ultraviolet A.

To Provide you with a resource with the exact cheatsheet and roadmap how to do the Carnivore Diet, we’ve created a Foolproof Roadmap on how to do the Carnivore Diet and we can email it to you.

So I hope that was helpful if you made it this far thank you. Somebody who’s maybe struggling with the weight loss or wants to know more about weight loss and if you’re interested more in the Carnivore diet. I wrote an entire book The Carnivore Diet |An Ancestral RESET to Optimal Human Health

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